Christian Apps I Use

YouVersion Christian Bible App


YouVersion is my favorite bible app. You can access the bible translation that you wish to read, compare versions, get access to Christian Bible study plans on any topic and share easily with your friends and social media. Click the image to go to the app page or go to this link for the website. 


Connection Church

This is probably my favorite app of all time because this is the app of the church I regularly attend. Connection Church is a non-denominational church located in Pikeville, Ky. Our congregation is led by an amazingly anointed ministry team including Pastor Richard Holmes. The church’s mission is to lead others to know and grow through Jesus Christ. If you are interested in growing in your walk with God, you couldn’t pick a better place to start than listening to the weekly sermons through this app. (My views here on this blog are not necessarily representative of the views of Connection Church and I do not represent them in any way other than believing in their message and mission.)

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