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Farmhouse Favorites


Hey, y’all. I thought I’d share a few favorite shopping discoveries and favorite farmhouse finds because, believe it or not, I’m finally back to redecorating my house.


Farmhouse Favorites


In October when my son passed away, I was smack dab in the middle of a huge home makeover (including a DIY chalk paint kitchen cabinet redo.) Intense, I know. It’s been 6 months since then and I’ve yet to pick up a paintbrush to complete the project. To say my house is a mess would be an understatement of epic proportions!

Besides the fact that every time we open the door here we are reminded of all of our losses in the last year, we have been out of spare room for many years. Our busy and chaotic life that’s filled with work, baseball and ADHD just isn’t compatible with organization in this house. We have 2,000 square feet, too many belongings and too little time.

My husband hopes to eventually sell. I just want my house clutter-free. Either way, something has GOTTA GIVE. I can barely stand to be in this house with so many memories and remnants of Cole, much less in this mess. So we are on a spring cleaning mission: Organized or bust!



I originally thought I’d paint my old microfiber sofa with either chalk paint or fabric textile, but after experimenting on my matching bench and testing a couple of cushions, I decided against that DIY.

The look of chalk painted furniture is gorgeous but my eight-year-old son decided it was too scratchy for his tender skin … and I agreed on my own skin, too! While I’ve read online that many people are quite satisfied with their chalk painted furniture, it just wasn’t an option for us with the sofa we use in our living room.

We use and lounge on our sofa daily in our PJs – which for my DS and DH is just boxers – so we needed something softer to the touch. (Again, we have ADHD and sensory issues here, so that may have a bearing on our opinion.)

I really loved the sectional we had used for years so I chose a similar design. The old couch was beige and brown like the one shown below. I’m not sure if it was the same brand as the one I’ve linked here because we’ve already gotten rid of it but it was my favorite couch of all time. I hated to part with it after a decade (!!) but after living with my youngest son, it was time! Looking back I should have just had it reupholstered.

I originally planned on replacing it with something white but I ultimately chose a darker neutral this time. We bought an Ashley brand in a charcoal suede pattern fabric because I found a good deal on it that I HAD to have. It’s really pretty and Ashley furniture is what my family has purchased for decades. 


Favorite sctional sofas


1. Our old couch  Beige Microfiber/Faux Leather Sectional  

2. The new couch  Design by Ashley Gray Sectional


We also already owned a new dark brown leather recliner (which we didn’t really want to pay to replace) so my all white/black and brown décor scheme suddenly changed quite a bit.  Surprisingly, it’s even more my style than my original idea was and I’m very pleased so far.

I’ve since been shopping around for a few farmhouse ideas to expand on and the first place I always visit online is Amazon. I have an Amazon Prime subscription so those listings are the ones I check out first (for super fast shipping and easy returns.) Most of the items I’ve fallen in love with this week are currently available through Prime so that’s just a bonus! If you don’t already have a Prime Subscription you can try it free for 30 days with this link.





Farmhouse Favorites


1. Pray Big Pillow 2.  Gray Melamine Service for 4   3. Antique Grey Wood TV Media Stand   4. Wicker Twig Grapevine Ball Tabletop Vase Filler
5. Rustic Wall Sconce  6. Burlap Fringed Placemat Set  7. Laundry Hamper 8. Chevron Wood Arrow Set 9. Pipe Paper Towel Holder
10. Texture Linen Pillow Cover


These are all affiliate links but that doesn’t influence the fact that I can’t even decide which of these picks is my favorite;  with all of the rustic + industrial charm, along with the neutral colors, I love it all!




What is your all-time favorite décor scheme like? Do you love neutrals or colors more? Leave me a comment and/or link to show me your favorite rooms or items.