Find Your Focus Word

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Find Your Focus Word

The first week of a new year is already behind us. Now is the time to find your focus word.

I love new beginnings. I remember writing about that a couple of years ago but that year ended up quickly bringing me more loss than one human should ever have to bear.

Needless to say, my main resolution of getting serious about my blog’ went straight out the window.  I considered writing another post about my new resolutions for this year but I can’t say I’ve ever had much success at actually KEEPING a New Year’s resolution so I scrapped that post. I scrapped the entire notion of making a resolution for the new year all together. Instead, I opted for the trend of choosing a yearly focus word.



A focus word is much more my style. There’s nothing absolute about it; none of the failure associated with flat out failing in reaching a goal (which is horrible for your self esteem anyway LOL). Rather, it’s just a reminder to do or be more of what you want or need.

List Your Ideas

The things I’d like to achieve and could have selected as resolutions include the same things that I have been trying to do for a decade : Be more organized; blog consistently; lose weight; do more of the things I enjoy; etc., etc. When it comes down to it, I really need to do all of these things. And I don’t ever get them done because my life is chaotic and rushed and I just don’t prioritize them.

So why don’t I prioritize them? Well that’s another post entirely but it has a lot to do with my letting my chronic health conditions rule my life. We all have some excuse or reason for not doing what we wish we would and that’s my reason. I spend a lot of time resting and planning the things I wish I felt like doing. Given that’s a good reason, I have to be honest about the time that I waste that could be put to use, too. I don’t do it intentionally, but I do it every day.


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So that’s how I ultimately decided on my focus word for the new year: Intentional. I want – no, I NEED, to live my life with more intention. I need to be intentional.

After choosing my word, which is really the statement, Be Intentional, I thought about ways to make sure that I actually put the phrase into practice. For me, with so many things going on and with my mind being so busy, I need reminders: constantly.

One of the ways I waste too much of my precious time, is on my phone. Facebook, mindless games, texting friends or even reading something educational – they all end up taking away time that I truly should spend elsewhere. My solution was to make sure I could see my focus word during that time wasting and hopefully that would inspire me to act upon it. That led me to create a wallpaper for my phone with the phrase Be Intentional on it.

I used the Adobe Spark iPhone app with a premade template including free stock images to quickly create this iPhone wallpaper. You can click the image to get the full size to download and use, too. Or, if you just want the image with no phrase, CLICK HERE.

 Be Intentional Cell Phone Wallpaper 


Well it’s been 7 days since I chose my word and, y’all! It’s working! Normally after my first week of a resolution, I’m already flaking out and freaking over trying to keep this up for 51 more weeks. This time, though, with no pressure but the constant reminder in my hand, I’m getting MORE interested in reaching my goal. I shouldn’t be shocked. After all, I’m pretty much the queen of preaching the “Say it to create it”  movement to my family but, still, I am pleasantly surprised at how well my mind is responding.


For example, normally I wake up around 3:30 AM to the tune of my husband sawing logs and can not go back to sleep. I have to get up at 6:00 to get my son ready for school so the two an half hours between are usually spent on my phone trying to read or game my way back to a nap. (Counterproductive – I know – but at least I use the night time screen color). This morning, though, I saw my phrase and I got up to do some laundry and other chores. I actually enjoyed it and I plan on making it a habit whenever sleep evades me in the wee hours of the morning.

I feel so accomplished today that I decided this had to be the first topic to cover in the new year. I really recommend trying the idea of choosing a focus word for yourself, too. 

I also thought it was a great idea to hang wall prints with your word in your home or office. You could also jot down in your planner or on post it notes to stick to your mirror. You could even do all of the above and choose a different word for each month or week. I’m going to start doing this myself.

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