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“Finding Your Purpose In Life

Do you think that your life has a purpose? If so, do you know what your life’s purpose is? And if not, do would you like to know how to go about finding your purpose? If you need some help figuring out which direction your life needs to be headed then you can use the method I’m sharing today for tips on finding your purpose. 

I’ve known most of my life that God has a purpose for me. I’ve even felt close to figuring out what the purpose was for many years. However, I’m a perfectionist. And I’m impatient. When things get tough I tend to bail. It’s my biggest flaw but I’m working on that. 

Even today as I sit here I’m not certain of my purpose. I only know that I have a feeling that God wants me to do certain things. As I discussed in my last post, as an INFJ personality, searching for purpose and fulfillment is part of the very grain the defines me. I’m tired of ‘wasting my life’ (which many other INFJs apparently report worrying about.)



In church on Sunday the pastor presented a written assignment for the congregation. It included a graph of circles which we used to write the answers to a few important questions that he had for us. It was a ‘Finding Your Purpose’ chart. The goal was to determine God’s plan for our lives. This sounded so exciting to me! I noticed that not everyone around me participated in the activity, though. It seemed as though they either didn’t have a clue what to write or they were already certain of their purpose on Earth.

I really wanted to explore this idea so I came home and recreated it. Here is a peek at my completed chart.




I had several ideas that could be written in the Purpose circle so I wondered how to know which one might be God’s intent for me. I asked a church friend this question and his answer made everything so clear! He said that all of our purposes as humans have the same endpoint, which is to grow the kingdom of Heaven. We do this by sharing our God-given talents and experiences to help others. So, if you can ask yourself about your potential purpose, “Will this somehow share the knowledge and love of God with others or otherwise benefit the church?, and answer, “Yes”, then it’s safe to say you are doing something that God intends for you. 




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Complete Your Own Purpose Chart

If you are like me, uncertain that your true purpose has been found – but eager to locate it – then you will likely enjoy the activity just as much as I did. You can easily create your own with a pencil and paper or with the chart I’ve prepared for you.

Let me explain how to complete your own. First, draw the circles on your paper as illustrated above or download and print my chart. Now get ready to fill in all of your info.

1. Your Passions

In the left circle, you should list things you are passionate about. This can be both things you love and things you hate but they will all be things that are very important to you one way or the other.

2. Your Talents

Next, in the right circle, you should list your proficiencies or things you are very good at. Be sure to include the things that other people would say you are good at. If you aren’t sure then ask someone close to you.

3. Your Past

Third, in the bottom circle, you should list the important things from your past experiences. These should be defining moments that stand out to you. The list could include both good and bad moments from your life that you consider important in defining you.

4. Your Conclusion

Finally, considering the entries from your three circles together,  you should be able to come up with a few ideas regarding how everything about you is leading to a specific area … to a Purpose.


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Maybe your purpose is reached through your occupation, but for many, it won’t be. It could be that your purpose is completed through your service to your community or time that is given to your church. Your purpose may be to become a loving parent to another important player in God’s army. You might even be called to serve strangers, as I believe that I am. You could even have several different purposes! I think we all have different purposes throughout different seasons of our lives.

Some people find this exercise much harder than others do. Some people think they discover their reason for being only to find out later they were wrong or didn’t see the entire picture in the beginning (which is exactly what has happened to me – more than once!) That’s still okay though and is apt to just be part of God’s plan anyway.



I hope that you will let me know if this post helped you gain clarity on what God wants you to do at this point in your life. I’d love to hear your comments and stories about how you found your purpose for God, too.

~God Bless ~







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