Faith Focus and Frappe | How Life is Like a Track Meet

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Faith Focus and Frappe | Life is Like a Track Meet


Life begins after coffee …. Well – after God and coffee. 🙂




Life is nuts, though, isn’t it? It’s one wild ride after another. Most of the time I feel like I’m barely hanging on to the ability to hang on! It reminds me of the famous movie quote from Forrest Gump : “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. ” ~Forrest Gump

For me, life really feels more like a track and field hurdling meet. You run around in circles while periodically finding hurdles that must be leapt over.




You start out all nervous but excited and ready to go with everything you have. Then, just as you start to build up your pace and get comfortable with how everything is going, you see an obstacle up ahead of you. You have to try to gauge how much effort it will take to get over this problem in your path. You have to make your best jump!

Sometimes you have lots of strength and coordination so the jump is no big deal. You breeze by it and you keep on truckin’, But every now and then you stutter step between the jumps and don’t quite manage to get off on the correct foot. Your toe grabs the hurdle as it passes over and drags it along. Sometimes the mishap just slows you down a second. Other times, it causes you topple face first to the pavement below. You end up with road rash on your knees and nose. You have to jump right back up though, because in track you are still in the race against yourself and their are points to be acquired.

My son is a hurdler for his high school track team so this analogy makes tons of sense to me.



Yep, that’s basically my life in a nutshell: A series of trials to run into, leap over and overcome.  I think it’s that way for everyone, though, isn’t it? We all have a different set of obstacles but we all have them.

I personally turn to my faith in God to get me through. Him, along with my camera and my coffee, are responsible for my ability to function daily….

My faith in something bigger than me has carried me through the toughest days of my life. I honestly believe we all need a revered higher power to function at our best on this Earth.



Focus is about more to me than just my photography passion.  Having a hobby or a passion is definitely part of the spice of life but if I don’t actively focus on goals and my purpose in life then I end up floundering around. Every time I lose my focus I end up feeling unfulfilled and unaccomplished.

The Frappe / coffee / caffeine part – well that’s honestly just an addiction but it’s something that is also a huge part of my life. Call me a coffee lover (or just a Frappuchino junkie because I LOVE it!)

I think everyone could probably use a good dose of these three things (my favorite EFF words – haha) : FAITH, FOCUS and FRAPPE.




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