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PSSST! Our shop is opening in January! Yay! 



Hey You!

Welcome to Faith + Focus + Frappe, a lifestyle blog and online boutique for believers, thinkers, makers, and shakers! 

If you’ve read About Me then you know I have worn lots of hats, held several titles and I have amassed lots of experience in ALL THE THINGS in my lifetime. You’ll also know that I love to share all of my experiences simply because I truly want to help others. I want to make a difference in this life somehow.

What I Share

Some of the content on this site is creative business-related; some of it is personal; some is emotional; some of it is taboo. 

Most of my posts likely mention my faith somehow. I assume you’re okay with that if you noticed the site title before you came here but if not, I am a proud (non-denominational) believer in Christ. I would love to be able to help introduce you to Him if you don’t know him yet or help you if you’re struggling with your faith in the ways I have.

You should also know, too, that I don’t mind if your religious preference is different than mine. I still hope to be a blessing to you somehow. 

Site Navigation

The site blog posts are broken up into three primary topic areas for you to navigate more easily. They are, of course, Faith, Focus and Frappe. 

  • The faith category is pretty self-explanatory: It’s all spiritual topic content. 
  • The focus category covers life focus, motivation and productivity topics.
  • The frappe content is all coffee shop talk: the lifestyle posts (which could include anything from home decor and products to free downloads.)

The Shop

The site shop, sometimes referred to as f/3, features my motivational and inspirational graphic designs on apparel, accessories, and gifts. You may also find some other goodies and design resources for creatives sprinkled about. 

The Community

I’m on the path to creating a community for faith-based creatives where we can network and pray for each other. If you’d like to register for the first notification of the group launch then be sure to subscribe to the site newsletter. 


Do More = Live Better

I think that pretty much covers all the basics. If you have other questions visit the FAQ page or contact me. Thanks again for your visit! God bless ~xo